Boss Up With Your Girlfriends

As a millennial woman, I have to stress the importance of having millennial girlfriends in your corner who wants to boss up just like you. As an author and entrepreneur, I am always connecting with other women who are like minded. I am always seeking advice from girlfriends who have “been there and done” what I am doing now. We have all heard the term “Iron sharpens Iron” and the rule hasn’t changed. They say you become like the five people you hang around the most… and that statement is very true in my eyes. If you hang around driven, goal-oriented women, they will start to rub off on you making you go harder about pursuing your dreams. Surrounding yourself with uninspired girlfriends who lack ambition or doesn’t push themselves only slows you down and deters you from your goals. No one can stop you or should push you out your lane, but have a support system that calls you out when you are slacking. You have enough cheerleaders cheering for you on the outside looking in. What you need are blunt spoken girlfriends who tell you to keep pushing, even if you don’t want to hear it. I’ve had many occasions when my friends tell me like it is. Rolling my eyes, I brush it off, but ironically, I listen to what they say and do it. Self-motivation is good for the soul, but its a different feeling when someone else wants you to succeed too. God puts people in your life to remind you how special you are, and the message always comes on the days you want to give up. We can live without good friends in our corner, but who wants to live a life like that? When you find women you can trust and tell your dreams to, it is a breath of fresh air. One fact all my millennial girlfriends can say about me is that I am a pusher. I want my whole circle to eat. I want them to stay hungry even after they make it. I encourage them to do better and be better. When they tell me their upcoming ideas, I empower them. Most importantly, I ask them how are they going to do it. This question puts on their thinking caps helping them come up with a plan to accomplish their goal. In return, I have different types of girlfriends who help me. I have the pushers– the ones who call me and ask me what I did for my brand that day. I have the listeners the ones who might not have all the answers, but they are always there when I need to vent. Then I have the storms– the ones who strike lightening in me because I see how driven and successful they are, so I get off my ass and do better!

Iron sharpens Iron

I am blessed to have driven girlfriends in my corner. My friends support me, buy my books and read my blogs, even though some of them may not be too fond of reading. They’re reading because they care about meEven though it is appreciated, you should never expect your friends to support you. Let’s face it: everything you do will not be liked by everybody, including the people you love. Don’t take it personal! Instead of worrying about what they like or don’t, focus on what you’re doing right by the people who do like it! They are the ones putting coins in your pocket, not the negative naysayers who are giving “free opinions”. Do not give your friends the job to automatically love everything you do. Give them the job to just LOVE YOU despite what you’re going though. The same rule applies to you. No matter what your friends decide to do even if its not your forte, never make them feel low because their dream is different from yours. Bosses come in all shapes and forms.

BALANCE in my friendships are a necessity. Our lives are changing everyday. I need that girlfriend I can make business plans with, but I also need her to be that girlfriend I can have a drink with on a rough day. Not only are you my boss girlfriend, but we are also both human and we have problems just like everybody else. As your girlfriend, sometimes all I want to do is wind down, have a drink with you, and think about my problems tomorrow!

sex and the city f.gif


I need that girlfriend who talks some sense into me when I’m about to do something I’m going to regret later. I need honesty. If you don’t like something I’m doing, come to me in a gentle tone and speak on it. If you have to walk eggshells in our friendship, then we don’t have a true friendship.


Your dreams are important. So are your friends. While you are busy being great, don’t forget to be a great girlfriend to the women who have your back. They are the ones who were there in your come-up, and they will be the ones at the top with you. >3


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