Aerial Dorsey: Lifestyle Blogger Inspires Women in All Walks of Life

There is never enough empowerment in the world. As women, it is our duty to empower women to find and fulfill their purpose on this earth. Lifestyle blogger Aerial Dorsey created a space for women that allows us to lift each other up. Queens Inspired Lifestyle Blog is a blog created for women ages 18 and up. It is created to be encouragement, empowerment, and inspiration for women in all walks of life.

Aerial Dorsey, Teacher and Lifestyle Blogger

What inspired you to start blogging?

AD: “I’ve always loved to write. I journal so much because writing is therapeutic for me. About a year ago I was like I need to help other women. And from there, I decided to blog.”

What is your favorite thing about running a personal brand and what have you learned about it so far? 

AD: “My favorite thing about running a personal brand is interacting with other women. The one I’ve learned so far is to stay consistent and have balance! In order to gain new followers, I have to constantly put out content!!”

What is your personal motto that gets you through moments of adversity? 

AD: “My personal motto is “#delayednotdenied”, it’s gotten me through times when I felt I was forgotten or left behind. “

What’s the key to creating great content and marketing yourself? 

AD: “The key to marketing yourself is just really doing it. You have to take the first step and do it! Write the post, make the flyers, get the logo, and sell yourself. You have to make people believe in your brand and why its what they need. “

 Has a mistake ever led you to success?


AD: “I wouldn’t call it a mistake. I would back in the day a failure, but what it really is called is a roadblock or detour. I really wanted to be a nurse and decided I would major in that in college. Well it’s not what my purpose was. I’ve always love kids. Little kids to be exact. Lol! I love babies and 5-6 years olds. God was like, “nah playa you going to be a teacher”. It took me years to pass my test to be certified. Those years are what I call my detour. In that season of my life, I had to get really intentional and just depend on him. And guess I am now a certified teacher that teaches kindergarten! My favorite age group!”


What does it take to run a successful blog that your readers can relate to?


AD: “Whew! It takes a lot of time. It doesn’t happen overnight. You have to put in work. Most importantly you have to be consistent! You have to produce content that is relatable to the audience that you are targeting. I’m targeting women ages 18 and up. So I know I have to produce content that keeps my readers interested. I post content based off what I know can help others. Most times, all people want to know is how did you get through what they are presently going through.”


What do you love most about being a creative? 

AD: “What I love most about being a creative is meeting new people with fresh ideas and bouncing off one another. I love coming up with fresh new content to blog about. In the future I want to add a podcast to my website!! ”


What’s the best advice for someone who feels they haven’t found their purpose yet?

AD: “I would tell them don’t give up. You have to learn to trust God through the process. Finding your purpose isn’t easy, so you don’t want to rush to find it. Look at what you are really passionate about and go from there. My favorite bible verse I leaned on was Jeremiah 29:11 “God has a plan for you….”, well actually I have two. Lol! my second favorite is Psalms 37:4 “delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” And if it’s something you want to do, just do it! Go after that thing that brings you the most joy. Don’t let negative thoughts or people detour you!! But always remember you won’t arrive over night!”


What is your biggest goal this year?

AD: “Honestly, my biggest goal for this year is to open an online shop and write a women’s journal. I’m still in the brainstorming process with how I want the layout to look like and what content I want to include. “

Who are some people you admire and look up to?

AD: “Well I look up to who I consider my mentor. Not sure if she knows it. Lol! Her name is Jalen Reynolds, known as Coach Jae over at The Social Innovator! She is awesome, amazing, and just so helpful. Her drive inspires me to go harder. She’s always working to make her brand better.

Another person I look up to is Nakoreya Robertson!! Hands down one of my favorite authors! She is super sweet and an amazing author! She loves God and we both love Sister Sarah Jakes Roberts!!!!

Last person I admire is any #girlboss!!! I love seeing women go after what they love! I love seeing women set goals and crushing them! I love seeing women in their zone and just pretty much killing it!”

About Aerial Dorsey


My name is Aerial Dorsey! I am a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am Kindergarten teacher who loves 5-6 year old humans. They are really intriguing. I began blogging about a year ago! Writing has always been therapy for me. I have so many journals I have lost count.

Instagram: @queensinspiredblog

Facebook: QueensInspiredBlog


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  1. I loved this interview – your introduction about empowering women is great!

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  2. Okay I loved this ❤️ I’m all for women empowerment and love children 😍 so this post was amazing. Would love to get connected with you as well ✨ 😊 hope to hear from you soon

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