A Woman on the Go: Nurse Midwife Katrina Rollins Opens Up on Career and Traveling

Katrina Rollins is a South Florida Certified Nurse Midwife with a love for fashion and a passion for traveling. As a Nurse Midwife, she advocates for women being empowered to speak up about their health and play a major role in the decision making process. I caught up with Katrina and we chatted about her life as a nurse midwife, traveling stories, and women empowerment.

Katrina Rollins, Nurse MidWife & Traveler


How long have you been a Nurse Midwife and how did you get into the profession?

KR: “I have been a Nurse Midwife for four years and have been blessed to deliver 334 healthy babies into the world. While in nursing school at Johns Hopkins University, I trained and worked as a doula. A doula provides non-medical emotional support to a laboring woman. This experience revealed the beauty of birthing naturally with little to no interventions. I was inspired to educate more women on this empowering option during childbirth and decided to become a midwife. I attended graduate school at Emory University, earning a Master of Science in Nursing with a midwifery specialty.

 What do you love most about traveling?

KR: “When I travel, I am free to be my purest self. I have no worries about responsibilities and can simply spend each day exploring, getting lost, and soaking up new experiences. To me, traveling is truly living and being in the moment. Yes, I strongly believe that moments like this should exist at home too. When I travel, however, I am able to hold on to that feeling for an extended period of time. Traveling definitely recharges me and refocuses my mind on my priorities.”

 What are some of your favorite places you’ve been so far and why?

KR: “My favorite country in the world is South Africa. It was my first time visiting the Continent and being exposed to the indescribable feeling of finally being in the majority. That feeling has stuck with me forever. South Africa also has amazing natural beauty, friendly locals, and captivating music. My second favorite country is Thailand. This is where I go if I want to spoil myself with massages everyday, very affordable and delicious food, and being surrounded by history. India is my third favorite country because of how strongly the culture is intertwined in all aspects of society. They have their own fashion, music, movies, and food and are not concerned with conforming to Western living. I respect and admire that.”

 What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a travel blog or personal blog?

KR: “If you want to start a blog, just start! Stop thinking about it and build your website or hire someone to build it. Remember you are not trying to be a website designer, so take the pressure off of yourself to build and design your own website. This obstacle is what stopped me from launching two blogs. Finally, I hired someone to build my current blog, which they were able to do in a couple of hours. Then I started posting. I also recommend having a presence on some form of social media, whether it is Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. Focus on building a community that you can direct back to your blog.”


Which of your traits are you most proud of?

KR: “I am most proud of my ambition. When I say I am going to do something, I find a way to do it and be successful. I simply don’t take no for an answer or fall into the trap of self-doubt. My biggest fear isn’t failure; it’s being stagnant and mediocre.”

Name three interesting facts about yourself.

KR: “I was a ballerina for 20 years, I’m a black belt in Karate, and I have a purple car.”

 What do you think are some wild and crazy misconceptions people have when they hear the word “midwife”?

KR: “Oh yea, people are always asking me if I deliver in people’s homes. Yes, some midwives do deliver in homes and birth centers. However, many midwives including me deliver in hospitals. We are healthcare professionals that practice evidence-based care, not just light incense and dance around chanting. Many people are not educated on modern day midwives.”

 Name the biggest overall lesson you’ve learned in running a brand and business.

KR: “It doesn’t matter how good you or your content are, it is going to take time and years of effort to make it to the level you want to be at. Patience is critical because overnight successes are simply rare. Almost everybody has what it takes if they work hard and consistently.”

 What are some things you can’t leave behind when you’re traveling?


KR: “This is obvious, but I can’t leave my phone behind. It takes great pictures and connects me immediately to my Instagram platform. I also have to travel with aspirin and compression socks in order to prevent blood clots when on long flights.”


What inspires and motivates you to continue your journey?

KR: “Whenever someone contacts me directly and shares how I have inspired them to travel, love their body, pursue their nursing goals, etc., I am reinvigorated to continue blogging. Many days you will feel like no one truly cares, so these simple messages go a long way in affirming that I am making a difference.”


About Katrina Rollins


Katrina Rollins is a South Florida Certified Nurse Midwife with a love for fashion and a passion for traveling. As a Nurse Midwife, she advocates for women being empowered to speak up about their health and play a major role in the decision making process. When she’s not delivering babies, Katrina enjoys traveling internationally and has been to 34 countries across 6 continents. Additionally, she enjoys fashion and is determined to change media representations of curvier women. As Katrina’s interests in these other passions deepened, she decided to start her blog to inspire more plus size women to live their best lives. Her number one job, though, is being a loving wife to her amazing husband and biggest supporter, Terray. She is truly juggling it all: career, business, and marriage, but enjoying every moment!

Website: katrinarollins.com

Email: theglobalmidwife@gmail.com

Instagram: @globalmidwife


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  1. Beauty Bea says:

    Love her spirit and her looks. I am a fashion blogger and I love traveling but hate planes. A lot of people have been advising me to just travel and live life, hopeful my spirit can get to where Katrina is.


  2. Katrina Amie says:

    Absolutely STUNNING!


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