I’m a Bad Christian

If this is your first time reading a blog on here, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Oprah “Zip” Bradford and I’m the founder of oprahzipbradford.com. To the world, I may look like I have it all together, but I’m a work in progress internally and externally. I am too emotional at times. I get stressed about things I can’t control (even though I know I can’t control them…crazy right?)


I cry when I get really mad. I tend to overthink at times and make up my own scenarios in my head actually believing what I just created in my head! I’m my worst critic and I’m a big perfectionist which is a blessing to my brand and business, but it affects my personal life and relationships. I could also use more work on my attitude, to react less to things and people that try to receive a bad reaction from me.

If you’ve noticed, everything I listed above is the negative side of me, the flaws that hold me back from the person I want to be. I thank God that he doesn’t see me in the image that I sometimes see myself in. To him, I’m a work in progress….a woman with a vision that prays for his daily guidance, a woman who is a nurturer at heart that needs to picks her battles more wisely, a woman who loves hard but could work more on her personal relationships, a woman whose mission is to inspire and empower others because she knows how it feels to feel the opposite of being inspired. He sees LOVE in me…and honestly that’s the only reminder that keeps me going through some of my challenging days.
Last year, I sunk into a deep depression, a depression so deep that God was the only source that helped me get back up, dust myself off, and step back into my purpose. But the thing about purpose…it brings pain. I went through a lot of setbacks, suffered a lot of sacrifices, took some L’s, cried some tears, and even questioned why God would give me a vision that required so much. The hard truth was I was thinking small of myself, and he had way bigger plans for me. Because I was leaning on my own understanding, my mind wasn’t focused on him, but on how I thought things should be. Basically, everything I was stressing about….God had it already worked out. He still does. He always will. He is love.

I encourage everyone reading this to find your purpose and stick to it, even through the seasons where you only see the negative side of yourself. All of us are a work in progress, but nothing is impossible with God on your side.


I chose the title I’m a Bad Christian because I’m a season in my life where I’m learning from my mistakes, but I’m also evolving into the person God wants me to be. I encourage you to order a copy of my book, “I’m a Bad Christian” where I discuss the fruits of spirit and how to become more fruitful in your life.


If you have a brand or business that you want to elevate to the next step, it’s time to bear fruit and take it to the next level. Registration opens tomorrow for my branding audio series, “The Golden Rules To Personal Branding”. Information on how to register will be posted tomorrow on here and all of my social media handles.

Instagram: @oprahzipbradford




The best version of yourself is waiting on you. Start today. 

Until next time,





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