Black Girl: Volume I

Hey My Loves,

To start off the Black History Month’s Blogs, I wanted to share a letter to myself about what it means to me to a  black girl, woman, goal-getter, greatness etc…yall get the point! I’ve created a list and I’m pretty sure every black girl (or any woman for that matter) can relate to the Black Girl List, a list I’ll be sharing all year!

  • The Black Girl In Me sees herself as a millennial, an era she was born in and loves.(but sometimes she wishes she could have been a teenager in the 90’s.)
  • She sees herself writing books, feeling the words way more than she should, and sharing with other eyes of the world.
  • She sees herself scared at the directions God is taking her because she still has times where she wants to lean on her understanding rather than his. Whew.
  • She sees her family as a blessing, but also the tough love that she needs. It’s a love that she cherishes.
  • She sees her future can be bright and full of blessings if only she believes.
  • She sees herself opening up a non-profit organization that’s been tugging her heart lately, but she has no idea what the organization will be.
  • She sees friends as blessings.
  • She sees love as willing and giving because that is what God is to her.
  • She sees forgiving as a gift to herself rather than pride winning.
  • She sees BLACK as gold and royalty.
  • She sees her natural hair as a symbol of love in a pineapple crown, a crown she will always have, hair or not.
  • She sees herself working harder because society has taught her she will have to work harder because she is black. Just stating facts.
  • She knows God is love.
  • She knows about art, trap music, museums, traveling, fine dining, and hood parties. She is the all around girl.
  • She knows life will throw lemons from time to time. That’s when she makes lemonade.
  • She appreciates the small things in life always remembering that life is short and precious.
  • She knows she will not be everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s perfectly fine.
  • She believes that speaking things in existence and making them happens all starts with her.
  • She loves. She lives. She hurts. She always keep an ounce of joy. She smiles. She learns. She progresses. She masters it.
  • She is proud of her blackness, and what it represents. She wouldn’t change it. It’s too lit. ❤

For the month of February, will include Black History historical and modern features, black history quizzes, and more! February also launches my new empowerment site exclusively for men, The Come-Up! Be sure to look at for the first feature posted next week!


Before you go, please share in the  comments box on what makes you proud to be the person you are! Thanks for reading!

Until next time, 

Zip. ❤


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