Oil and Water DO Mix: Skincare Products To Try in April

With the change of weather, and change in my diet, my skin has been all over the place. I have researched long and far to find ways to remove scars from all the picking at my face along with maintain and hydrate during the transition of winter to spring. I have a combination skin so searching around did make it a bit more difficult. Through social media, I have found many other bloggers and new found beauty brands and beauty bloggers with amazing ideas and lines. Here are some of my recommendations and what I have been using the past few months in this transitional period.


Forever Flawless Beauty Oil – by Pinkness.co


This beauty oil has become my go to for hydration and dewy looking skin. Owner @farahpink has come up with the most exquisite recipe with a combination of oils for the most love your natural skin needs. This oil will help balance and brighten your skin after a few days of using.

Bio Oil



I have sworn by this brand from the minute I began to see results. Bio oil helps relive scars and dark marks around your skin even on age old scars. I have added this to my moisturizer and spread it throughout my entire body. I love the smell and just how it makes my skin feel.

Dermatologica Ultra Calming Calm Water Gel

This gel has helped on days my face decides to get extra inflamed and red all over. It has help reduced the redness and even out the feel of my skin.  I just started using this product and don’t have any regrets just yet. I will keep yall posted! 



Because you can never ever go wrong with water. I never enjoyed drinking water and have currently found myself drinking over a liter a day (all depending on your size and weight). On my off days where I eat terrible, I make sure i intake twice the amount of water or my skin will react and break out. All of what is reflective on your skin comes from within. So don’t forget to take care of what you intake.


Contributor: Annelies Martinez 

Website: https://cashmereboulevard.com/


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