Entrepreneurs: Stop Side-eyeing People Who Work a 9-5!

As I write this, I just got finished having a “woo-sah” moment. I got overwhelmed, but I had to dry my eyes, put my big girl panties on, and remind myself why I’m working so hard. As a millennial woman who is part-entrepreneur and also juggling a full-time job, I must say my job is never done…literally. To be successful, I have to use every free minute I have towards something that my platform is going to thank me for later. The drive in me is based on the desire of wanting to retire from my own company, not somebody’s else. Is it worth it? YES. Is it tiring and stressful? YES. Do I recommend this route to someone who isn’t ready for hard work and sacrifice? NO.

Everyday, I have to motivate myself to get it done even if I feel like crap after working 10-12 hours that day. Even if my boss/co-worker made me mad and now I’m not in the mood to be productive. What keeps me going is I know my brand is depending on me. If I don’t work towards my goal everyday, I will be in the same temporary situation that I am in now- working my 9-5 until I become a full-time entrepreneur. A lot of entrepreneurs still have jobs for various reasons- mainly needing a paycheck to help jump-start the business they are running. Some of us are also living in fear of becoming full time entrepreneurs because we know success doesn’t come overnight. Some of us have families and we need insurance, 401k etc. to give us a secure feeling. The truth is…no 9-5 is secure. The truth is…every entrepreneur that starts a business will not be successful. Risks are involved in both factors.

We must also remember as entrepreneurs that the route is not mandatory for everyone. You can’t think everyone will have the same mindset, work ethic, and goals as you. This also means that everyone doesn’t have the desire to be an entrepreneur, and that’s totally fine! A 9-5 is dope if it works for YOU. Entrepreneurship is dope if it works for YOU. They are pros and cons to both paths, and we have to deal with the punches that comes with both. What entrepreneurs need to stop doing is encouraging people to become entrepreneurs…who DON’T want to be entrepreneurs.  I see it too many times. You think you’re coming off as a mentor because you’re encouraging them to jump-start a business, but you may be coming off too strong and offensive if that’s not a desire for that person. If everybody is an entrepreneur, who will be the workers for your company? How will your business elevate if nobody is left to hire? Another reason I don’t shove the idea of entrepreneurship down people’s throats is everyone will not get it. We come from different backgrounds, generations, and mindsets. My mother who has been at her job for over twenty years can’t relate to the process I’m going through because she never experienced it. You can’t fault anyone for not being able to feel what you’re going through. The solution is finding the people who do. You may be the spark and the reason why a person starts a company, but you must master the ability to not be pushy doing it.

Entrepreneurship is not for everybody.

A 9-5 is not for everybody.

Look, I get it. You opened up a new business and now you’re excited. Now you want everyone around you to have businesses! Now you’re shoving ideas down people’s throats who are content with their way of living. Now you’re side-eyeing people who don’t want to leave their job because they don’t want the risks and responsibilities of entrepreneurship. But you’re also forgetting you were once that person who worked a 9-5 before you started a business. It’s fine to motivate someone who comes to you seeking advice who is aiming to become a entrepreneur, but you need to have the same respect for people who choose to take a different route than you for their source of income. And for the people who work a 9-5, have patience if you have entrepreneurial friends . We will cancel our plans with you because we have to get work done. We will expect you to understand even if the reason seems unimportant to you. We will vent to you about how close we are to quitting, but we really aren’t. We just need you to listen. Entrepreneurs, be there for your 9-5 friends also. They have work-related problems that they need to vent about too.

The people who are stuck working a 9-5 while aiming to be a full entrepreneur—hang in there! It’s a hell of a road and the process sucks, but this is what we signed up for! You know what it’s like in both worlds, and you are the most understanding. You know the struggle. You know the uncomfortable stages we are going through trying to maintain a positive attitude when we are two seconds away from going crazy. That’s why it’s so important to have at least one person going through the same things you are. I have friends who are full-blown entrepreneurs. I have friends who are in the same group as me juggling a business while working for another business. I also have friends who work 9-5’s who are happy and content, and possibly making more bank than any of us! Don’t believe the hype that you will be rich your first day as an entrepreneur. (I barely made NOTHING my first year, so please don’t believe the hype and dreams if someone tells you this is easy!) The path you choose for your life…make sure its what you want to do, not based off someone else’s opinion or dream.


Stay hungry. Stay humble. Stay successful. Do what make you happy. 


Until next time, 


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  1. Carrie says:

    I love this post. Simply because it makes me realize that one, entrepreneurship is hard as HELL and two, not everyone is cut out to own a business. I thought I could handle all the pressure but it got too hard so I shut my entire company down and honestly I don’t miss it. I love designing with a passion but once you put your passion up to a paycheck, things get tough.

    I appreciate you for taking the time to write this, Oprah. Now I will stop pressuring my friends who have AMAZING talents, to open businesses that they may just not want to own. Maybe it’s not in their path and I have to be okay with that and accept them for who they are and not who I want them to be.


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