Stop Letting Society Define Your Beauty

Hey my loves!

I have been gone way too long! Life just happened, but it can’t hold a real G down! I’m back and I’m blessed! Anyhoo, as I plan for my trip to Chicago tomorrow (and I still haven’t packed a TING smh), I was on Instagram browsing through hundreds of beautiful people for inspiration to write this piece. It’s crazy how we have groups categorized for different types of beauty. I saw a page for “lightskin beauties” and I saw another one for “darkskin beauties.” God forbid that we integrate the two different complexions like we’re all  not black at the end of the day. Its 2016, and we are still ignorant thinking just because you have lighter skin makes you more acceptable to society. Oh wait, that is society. My bad…

We have different races that hate their natural features getting surgeries to  become more appealing. I’m all for self-enhancement if that’s what floats your boat, but make sure you are doing it for YOU and not how you think others  should see you. Your life should not revolve around the obsession of being what others want you to be.

I could care less who doesn’t like my body or face. If you don’t like it, don’t look at me. Simple, right? Now, go have a Coke and smile. 


Sadly some people don’t even realize they are beautiful because they don’t fit society’s definition of it. We all know the girl or guy who posts way too many pictures to receive “likes” and lives off seeking attention from others. Social media status is a form of validation to some people. There is never a reason why a person behind a computer screen commenting on your pic should have a influence about how you feel about yourself. NEVER.

Let’s talk about beauty for a minute. We all agree beauty is the eye of the beholder, but society has a tricky way of trying to tell you how you should look.They try to train your eye and what version of beauty is acceptable. If you don’t meet the criteria, you’re categorized as “different”or “ugly”. I dislike the word “ugly”. If you know me, I hate when someone calls someone ugly strictly off their appearance. I cringe at the sound of it, and sometimes the people calling somebody ugly ain’t so cute themselves…BUT that’s none of my business.kermit

As soon as you accept that you are beautiful in God’s sight, man’s opinion won’t matter at all. The sooner you accept the obvious about you, it won’t bother you when people feel like they have to comment the obvious about you.

For example, I am a big breasted woman. When people have the need to comment, “Oprah, you have some really huge breasts!”, I roll my eyes and laugh. I’m pretty sure I know what I look like and what I have!

Why do people feel the need to comment on something you already know about yourself? LOL. I will never understand the point of it. When you have confidence in yourself, it comes natural to shut people down who have an opinion about your outer appearance.

Also be prepared for the people who are not comfortable in their skin.They make it their duty to try to make you feel the same way about yourself. Self- love is the best love. When people crack jokes about your style, you can either ignore it or come back with a clever comeback (if you’re feeling petty that day.) And if you’re anything like me, you will take the petty route!

You can’t come for me and say I’m “nappy headed” just because I wear my hair natural. Baby, don’t let these weave fool you. All I need is a little water and gel, and my curls come out like woah!

Love every birthmark, scar, stretch mark, and everything else that is considered a “flaw” to human eyes. Society has programmed us like robots thinking we are “null and void” if we aren’t the correct measurements, weight, size, height, skin color, ethnicity, and the list goes on.

I’m here to say…screw what society says! Make your own rules for your own beauty. It’s 2016, its a new day, and anything goes (just like our presidential election).

Sure, I can lose a little weight. My hair isn’t always in place. I have stretchmarks on my thighs from gaining weight. I wish I had a bigger backside (but it still wiggle though!) I have a love/hate relationship with my sensitive skin  because I can’t wear cute lotions and sprays from Bath and Body Works. I sigh in despair when moles pop up on my face because of my family heretics. I’m convinced I’ll have a cute chocolate chip face by the time I’m 40. But hey, this is the way God made me and I love it.

I’m writing this to make sure you’re embracing your beauty rollercoaster too!

We make up society, so that means we can change the rules. In conclusion, love yourself, and to hell what people have to say about your appearance. Love every bone in your body. Love your skin and pour coconut oil all over it. (coconut oil solves all problems.) LOL…yall get the point! If you let the world destroy you, you will become what it wants you to be. Don’t fall in the trap.

Until next time, 


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    Hi Oprah:
    Thank you for your newsletters. They are inspiring and funny.


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