Confessions of a Woman Entrepreneur: Transparency Pays My Bills

Hey My Lovies!

The last time I spoke to you guys was in my latest blog “Confessions of a Millennial Business Woman” (on where I discussed balancing and juggling my full-time 9-5 and my Zip brand. A lot has happened in the past two weeks and I’m proud to announce…*drum roll*

I quit my job! 

I had it all mapped out the way I would quit in my head, but it didn’t necessarily go the way I planned.It was a spur of the moment type of thing when I decided I had enough and I walked away shameless. It was best it happened that way in order to avoid me talking myself out of quitting and staying there for more years I would regret. Do I regret my decision? No. Was I scared? Yes. 

Although I have a back-up plan and other streams of income, I still had to come to terms of this change that has happened in my life. Let’s admit change is scary and everybody doesn’t like it. The transitioning can either be smooth sailing or just plain rough. If you keep up with my blogs, you know my goal was to finally work full time on my own by the end of this year, and here I was… scared sh**less of something I always wanted! Something I always prayed for suddenly knocked at the door of opportunity and I had to open it! That’s why it’s so important to prepare yourself mentally and financially for things you desire. Every hard-working person with a passion knows they will be successful, but the tricky part is you don’t know when. The first thing you have to do is check yourself and be honest if you don’t have all the answers. Life doesn’t come with a handbook and everything will not work for everybody. The best type of love to give yourself is raw and uncut transparency. It’s hard because most of us are used to faking to the world like we have it all together. Honestly, I like being flawed. It shows the world I’m not ashamed of the person I am. I am a single 29 year old woman and for no reason at all, I don’t live above my means. In the process of moving to ATL next year, I remain humble with my beat up car that gets me from point A to point B. I am not a materialistic person, and I’m perfectly fine with the thrift store purse instead of the new designer one. The better part is I don’t care that people know I feel this way. If I can’t afford it at the moment, I don’t do it. If it’s not going to benefit my brand, I don’t bother with it. If I bite off more than I can chew, I have to deal with it, not anybody else.

“Honey, it pays off to be transparent to yourself and to the world. It can pay your bills too.”

-Oprah “Zip” Bradford

When I was going through my transitioning stage and planning on becoming an entrepreneur, the main thing I told myself was, “You can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you.” As a Christian woman, I believe this wholeheartedly. As a transparent woman and realistic human being, I also knew I could rely on God to supply my needs, but I also have bills to pay like everybody else. In my discovery stage, I had times when I suffered financially in the beginning. My books sales weren’t as high as I expected and I was mentally drained. I was uninspired and didn’t feeling like writing anything.  The main people I wanted support from didn’t have my back. It became exhausting smiling to the world like everything’s okay, and behind closed doors, I was crying and wondering what next step to take when everything seems to be going downhill. When I tell people about the struggles after everything was said and done, they were shocked like, “Oprah, I never would have thought all of this was happening. You never showed it.” My response would always be a light chuckle saying “if you only knew.” I thank God everyday I don’t look like what I have been through mentally.

I have had BROKE days. I have had books I published that no one didn’t want to read. I have had nights I cried to myself and wondered why the hell am I even trying to start my own business. Yep, I was feeling sorry for myself years ago. I knew life didn’t owe me anything, but I owed it to myself to make something out of myself. Now my thought process didn’t come overnight. I’ve had dark times in my career and my personal life that caused me to almost give up on everything I worked for. To get out of this funk, I had to do some serious checking for my life. I didn’t need a counselor or therapist to “fix” me. I could only do that job myself. I took everything one day at a time. I stopped playing pretend to people like I had it all together. Now that I have reached a major milestone in my life, I appreciate the dark times because it helped me become more open. It helped me become more transparent when I talk about my business to others or when they seek advice from me. That’s why it’s important to me to reply to messages when someone reaches out to me and needs guidance. I was once in their shoes and I will never forget that.

No matter what you do, stay transparent and don’t feel ashamed when you mess up or if it seems like it’s taking you longer than others. You inspire other people when they see you make nothing out of something. The spectators and the haters will always have something negative to say, but remember these kind of people are typically the ones who aren’t transparent and giving the world a fake image of them. They talk about you because they don’t understand the realness in you. Anybody can pay bills, but transparency is something you can not buy. It has to be taught within.

Until next time my friends,


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